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Unlimited Sending

Envalope makes it easy for marketers to send unlimited emails from the dashboard. Marketers can make use of automation, scheduling, and understand the campaign performance from Analytics.

Drag & Drop Editor

With Envalope, marketers can either choose an email template or start from scratch, and create engaging emails using our professional drag and drop editor.

API Integration

Envalope makes it easy for marketers and developers to integrate Sendgrid, Amazon SES, Mailgun, Elastic Email, Sparkpost using API. Users can also integrate their existing email delivery service using SMTP within seconds.

Trust and Confidence

Emails sent to power your business

Thousands of marketers choose Envalope as their preferred email marketing tool. Our industry-leading functionalities—which work together to power our all-in-one Marketing Platform—are designed to help grow your business faster.








Emails Sent

Build stronger relationships

An all-in-one package for scaling your businesses.

Powered with multiple features

Be the king of email-marketing with us.


Bring your emails to life

Envalope has an outstanding Dashboard UI Interface, making email marketing as easy as surfing the web. Just add the list, create an email, and send.

All-In-One Dashboard

Detailed Statistics

Drag & Drop Editor


Integration tools

Easy integrations for your convenience

Marketers can easily connect Envalope with their Email Delivery Tool within seconds. Our API and SMTP integration functionalities make it easy for anyone to effortlessly integrate other services and start sending emails.



Easily integrate Sendgrid using API or SMTP details.


Amazon SES

Easily integrate Amazon SES using API or SMTP details.



Easily integrate SparkPost using API or SMTP details.


Any other service

Easily integrate any other Email Delivery Service with SMTP information.


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Envalope makes it easy for any marketer or marketing agency to manage and create Email Marketing campaigns and automation for their clients.

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With our easy-to-use interface, anyone can add their subscribers' list, create an email using our drag and drop editor, and initiate campaigns in a couple of minutes via our fully accessible API.

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